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New York City Fire Department

Job Description for Fire Fighter:-

Firefighters work for municipalities, counties, airports, and other government and private organizations, and their primary responsibility is to protect the communities they serve from various disaster situations. They extinguish fires from burning buildings, houses, forests, cars, etc. and also serve as first responders in other emergency situations, primarily medical emergencies and rescuing pets or wounded animals.
A high school diploma or GED is a minimum requirement for this position, while some employers require an associate's degree or higher. Firefighters must be in excellent physical condition and pass background checks, drug screenings, and medical and fitness examinations, such as relevant provisions of the National Fire Protection Association Pamphlet, for the position. They should also have computer skills and be able to use relevant program applications.

Firefighters must have valid drivers' licenses and clean driving records. Before being hired, they must pass a variety of tests and should then become involved in various community programs, such as fire prevention and inspection activities. Firefighters often attend community fairs to show children and adults their fire trucks and answer their questions.

Firefighters must be flexible with their time, as fire departments must be available 24/7, and the ability to work well in a team environment is essential to succeed in the position and keep everyone safe. They must be able to work in stressful and dangerous situations, and interpersonal and communication skills are also important to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Some may occasionally travel to help fire departments in other counties or states. (Copyright 2018

Benefits include:-

Lifelong medical coverage for you and your family
• Growth opportunities
• Flexible work schedules
• Up to four weeks paid vacation per year
• Generous pension
Starting salary for a Firefighter starts at about $39,370.  But with overtime and holiday pay, which is often required, you can get about $3,704 in additional compensation.   After five years, a firefighter can make close to $100,000,  including overtime and holiday pay.
See how much you can make every year you are on in the department.

Firefighter Salary Guide

Number of YearsBaseFringeTotal
Starting Salary$43,904$1,292$45,196
After 1 Year$46,066$9,035$55,101
After 2 Year$50,173$9,468$59,641
After 3 Year$55,192$10,075$65,267
After 4 Year$60,837$10,667$71,504
After 5 Year$85,292$25,631$110,293

Firefighter Salary Guide for Promotional Opportunities

Lieutenant    $94,300$31,548$125,848
Battalion Chief$140,945$20,336$161,281

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